Comprehensive Eye Care

Eye care is part of your family’s overall health care, so follow your appointment schedule to ensure you stay healthy. Regular visits and comprehensive eye care ensure that your physician catches problems in the earliest stages, when eye treatments are most effective. If you or your children need specific eye treatments, you want to have a relationship with an eye expert near me in Downtown Manhattan. Eye Physicians in NYC provides extensive diagnostic tools and advanced treatments for everyone from your newborns to your aging parents. Call today to begin this process or to get treatment for a specific issue.

What’s Involved in Comprehensive Eye Care in New York?

Comprehensive Eye CareEven though you only visit your eye doctor once a year or even every couple of years, find an optometrist and pediatric eye doctor.  Optometrist who provides you and your family with a comprehensive eye exams  test during your first visit. Experts like those at Eye Physicians in Downtown Manhattan learn about your overall health to give you and your family the best eye care and eye treatment near you in NYC.

Whether you’re bringing in your kids for a pediatric exam or undergoing a screening to get new contact lenses  for yourself, a comprehensive eye care exam typically includes:

  • Taking medical history so your eye doctor can learn about any underlying conditions that may affect your eyesight
  • Measuring your visual acuity with tests like reading the chart with letters on a far wall and through lenses
  • Measuring the curve of your eye, called keratometry
  • Checking your color vision
  • Determining if you have any refractive errors, like nearsightedness or farsightedness in a eye refraction test
  • Assessing eye movement, focus and whether your eyes move appropriately together
  • Checking eye pressure

Based on these initial findings, your eye doctor may order additional tests to get the complete picture of your eye health.

Other tests may include:

How Often Should I Visit an Eye Doctor?

Diagnosing problems early and getting effective treatment as soon as possible is the best way to prevent vision loss and other eye diseases.

How often you should visit your NYC eye doctor depends on a number of factors, such as:

  • You’ve been previously diagnosed with an eye disease.
  • You’re undergoing treatment for an eye condition.
  • You had an accident involving your eyes and need follow-up after you had emergency eye care.
  • You have an underlying condition like diabetes that could affect your eyesight.
  • Your family has a history of eye disease.
  • You wear glasses or contact lenses.
  • You work in an environment that puts your vision at a higher risk.
  • You’ve had recent eye surgery.
  • You’re a smoker.

As you age, you’re at a higher risk of developing certain vision and eye problems, such as glaucoma or cataracts, so you need more frequent eye exams. Typically, though, if you and your family members don’t have any underlying vision problems or eye disease, you can follow a routine for comprehensive eye care visits.

The American Optometric Association recommends:

  • The first visit between the ages of birth and 12 months
  • At least one time between the ages of three and five
  • Just before first grade
  • Then annually until the age of 18
  • At least once every two years through the age of 64
  • Once a year after the age of 65

What Conditions Can a Manhattan Eye Physician Treat?

When your optometrist understands your medical history and has been following your eye health for a while, it’s easier to uncover issues at the very earliest signs of change. Your eye care becomes more effective and sustainable when you get eye treatments early.

At Eye Physicians in NYC, the doctors offer a wide range of services to cover many of the eye conditions you may experience. They’re trained to treat kids and youngsters, as well as adults and seniors.

Some conditions your NYC eye doctor treats include:

What Eye Treatments Are Available at Eye Physicians in NYC Near Me?

You receive comprehensive eye care at Eye Physicians. When you get an examination, you also may receive additional treatments that aren’t always available at your local optometrist, who merely prescribes your reading glasses.

While you certainly receive accurate lens and contact prescriptions at Eye Physicians, your doctor seeks to alleviate further complications or correct an existing problem.

Your eye doctor may also recommend additional eye treatments in Downtown Manhattan, such as:

You and your family receive the best, most advanced eye treatments and comprehensive eye care at Eye Physicians. Contact the team today for a consultation.

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