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A contact lens specialist is the best professional to ask if you’re a good candidate for contact lenses. After getting a contact lenses eye exam in NYC from your optometrist, there are a few more steps involved to make that determination. At Eye Physicians in Manhattan, you can trust the best optometrist; contact lenses help you shed bothersome eyeglasses. They can put you into any number of different types of contacts. Call for and appointment today. It takes less than an hour to get in and out of the office, and you’ll see the world in a clearer, more distinct way than ever before.

    What Are Contact Lenses?

    Contact LensesContact lenses are tiny, curved lenses placed directly on the eye’s surface to correct vision or enhance appearance. They’re made of flexible materials for comfort, offering clear vision. Even rigid gas-permeable lenses are designed to fit comfortably today. Contact lenses come in different shapes and sizes, each designed to tackle specific vision challenges.

    If you have a special eye shape or condition like keratoconus, custom-made contacts give you super clear vision and maximum comfort. Contact lenses offer several advantages over traditional eyeglasses, including an expanded field of vision, freedom from obstructive frames and enhanced suitability for active lifestyles and outdoor activities.

    Eye Physicians near me in Downtown Manhattan provide exceptional comprehensive eye care from a contact lens specialist in NYC. You and your children enjoy the expertise and technology from optometrist and ophthalmologist contact lenses specialists who also specializes in a wide range of treatments, including:

    What Eye Conditions Can Contacts Correct?

    Contact lenses offer a versatile solution for correcting a wide range of vision problems whether you are struggling to see things far away or up close, dealing with fuzzy lines, or needing a little extra help with reading.

    Contacts can effectively address:

    The contact lens exam is similar to your routine eye exam, and includes a refraction exam and the eye pressure test. You also may undergo a glaucoma test if you’re over 50.

    Your experience should be complete in less than an hour and include:

    • Eye health assessment. Your eye doctor checks your eyes to ensure they’re healthy and have no issues that might cause contact lens problems.
    • Visual acuity testing. This test is designed to figure out exactly what strength of contacts you need to see clearly.
    • Corneal evaluation. Your NYC eye doctor measures your eyes to make sure the contacts will fit comfortably.
    • Trial lenses. You can try on trial contacts to see how they feel and how well you can see with them. You may be asked to try them for a couple days to ensure your happiness with contacts.
    • Instruction and education. If you’re new to contacts, they show you how to put them in, take them out and keep them clean.

    The goal of the contact lenses eye exam in NYC is to ensure that you have comfortable, well-fitting contacts that provide clear vision while maintaining the health of your eyes.

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    What Steps Are Involved in Fitting Contact Lenses?

    Fitting contact lenses is all about making sure they’re just right for your eyes.

    Following your standard eye checkup, your top optometrist contact lenses specialist performs steps that include:

    • Discussing various contact lens styles and types to find out your preferences
    • Measuring the pupils and curvature of your eyes
    • Fitting the lens
    • Watching how the lenses align and move across the surface of your eye

    After going through these steps, your optometrist contact lenses specialist carefully watches how the lenses fit on your eyes and how they move. You make an appointment, usually within a week or so, to follow up and ensure you’re happy with the lenses before ordering additional sets of lenses that meet your goals.

    Types you may be able to choose from include:

    • Disposable lenses
    • Soft or rigid lenses
    • Extended wear
    • Decorative contacts you may use as a costume or to change your eye color

    Why Are Contact Follow-ups with a Contact Lens Specialist in NYC Important?

    You must go back for follow-up visits after you get your contact lenses.

    These appointments let your eye doctor check how well the contacts are working for you and include:

    • Ensuring comfort
    • Monitoring eye health
    • Evaluating your vision
    • Reassessing the fit

    Your eye doctor examines your eyes to ensure there are no signs of irritation, infection or other issues that could arise from wearing contacts. In addition to the initial follow-up, get annual eye checkups. Many states require that you receive an annual checkup before allowing you to purchase new contacts.

    What Are Tips for Maintaining the Condition of My Contact Lenses?

    Look after your contact lenses so that your eyes stay healthy and wearing them feels comfortable.

    Essential tips include:

    • Cleaning and rinsing your hands well before touching your contact lenses
    • Avoiding touching them with your fingernails or squeezing them too hard
    • Using the solution your eye doctor has advised to clean and store them
    • Following the suggested schedule for replacing your lenses
    • Using a fresh contact lens case as directed
    • Avoiding sleeping in contacts

    By following these extra tips for taking care of your contact lenses, you can make them last longer and feel more comfortable.

    How Should I Choose Between Contact Lenses vs. Glasses?

    Several factors determine which option best suits your needs and lifestyle. Contact lenses are perfect for many people searching for a way to see clearly without the hassle of glasses.

    Contacts may be the choice if you:

    • Have an active lifestyle
    • Are interested in fashion and a natural look
    • Need convenience for outdoor activities
    • Want versatility for special occasions

    Contacts can provide personalized corrections tailored for your everyday wear. If you’re tired of blurry vision or fed up with glasses getting in the way, it might be time to give contact lenses a try and see the world in a whole new way. Alternatively, many people have difficulty touching their eyes to insert contacts and are just more comfortable with glasses. Also, certain conditions such as dry eye syndrome may make it impossible to wear contacts.

    Contact Eye Physicians in NYC to be guided to the perfect solution for your vision problems. Their contact lens specialists correctly advise you on what you might need or should avoid.

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